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Access Control

Access Control Systems


Swedish Access Solutions provides a range of access control systems ranging from access control hardware to key-less entry, identification, key management system and RFID Locks.

Access Control Hardware

We provide a range of access control hardware like electronic locks, cylinders, and escutcheons to secure any opening. It provides unparalleled elegance and safety to any area that you want to secure.

It enables you to have real-time access control, hassle-free management of user access, open electronic door locks remotely from the comfort of your home with just a mobile in your hand and a user friendly software that is the centre of everything.


RFID Locks

Are you looking to increase the security of lockers and cabinets? We have the right solution for you. Our latest device, the RFID lockers uses proximity RFID carriers to unlock the locking mechanism. The whole locking mechanism, electronic components and the battery pack are all located on the inside of the cabinet to avoid any attempts of manipulation or destruction.

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Our product offer includes Access Control Systems,
Architectural Door Hardware and Entrance Systems from world’s leading manufactures.
We offer the most innovative and reliable solutions available in the industry.