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Access Systems.

Healthcare Access Systems

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Our healthcare access systems include ICU doors, CCU doors and other types of doors with wide unobstructed views, slide/swing functionality and trackless options that allow the smooth and safe passage for wheelchairs, stretchers and sensitive equipment.

Intensive Care Unit/ Critical Care Unit Doors

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All our ICU and CCU doors feature broad glass panels for a full and unobstructed view. Additionally, trackless options are available, which eliminate raised thresholds that could shake and disturb patient beds or sensitive equipment as they are being transported through the doorways.

Our ICU doors are designed to meet the needs of hospitals, medical buildings, and other health care facilities where smooth functioning with trackless doors are required. These doors are ideal for intensive care units, cardiac care units, laboratories, waiting areas, diagnostic imaging areas, data, and record centres.

We offer four types of ICU doors:

  • Sliding door systems – Our ICU/CCU 7000 comes in two-, three-, or four-panel configurations. All panels can be swung open (breakout) for a wider opening when moving patient beds or equipment. ICU/CCU 7200 allows for trackless and swing options.
  • Swing door systems – The ICU/CCU 7400 Dura-Care™ swing door systems are available in multiple configurations and are specifically designed to meet the “side hinge swinging” requirement for healthcare facilities.
  • Telescopic door systems – ICU/CCU 7500 is a telescopic version of our slide door systems, providing the greatest clear opening width and full breakout.
  • Hybrid swing/fold systems – ICU/CCU 7600 is a combination of a manual swing door and a two-panel bi-fold door for convenient bi-directional egress and the option of full swing.

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