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Virtually Invisible.


Acudor is the building industry’s leading manufacturer of access doors and access related products. Acudor produces over 50 models, and 100’s of sizes, of access doors, over 30 Floor Door models, over 30 Roof Hatch and Smoke Vent models, and many additional safety accessories. Whether it be a commercial office building, a healthcare facility, or your private bathroom, Acudor has the right product for your situation. With almost 50 years of experience and product knowledge, you can’t go wrong with Acudor access products.

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Inconspicuous Access to Mechanical Services

Access isn’t for everyone. However it is a necessity for the personnel that maintain the essential services of today’s modern building systems. For everyone else, access to all services required in the operation of the building are best hidden from view, something that blends into the carefully specified interior finishes, and that’s how Acudor sees it too. Improperly specified door models compromise the aesthetic integrity of the interior space.

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Our product offer includes Access Control Systems,
Architectural Door Hardware and Entrance Systems from world’s leading manufactures.
We offer the most innovative and reliable solutions available in the industry.