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Door Seals.

Door Seals

We provide an extensive range of seals like fire and smoke seals, soundproof seals, weather seals and automatic door bottom seals that enhances the performance of the door’s functionality.


Fire & Smoke Seals

We provide fire/smoke seals that expands upon exceeding a specific temperature effectively sealing the gap between door assemblies. They offer other features like, eliminating dust through the gaps, stopping light leaking through the gaps and sound proofing.


Soundproof seals

We provide sound insulation seals to address our customers’ high environment noise issues. Our seals effectively fill the gaps around the door assemblies. These can be used in educational facilities, medical environments and various multi occupancy buildings.


Weather Seals

We provide seals that can be used around head and jamb, door bottom and meeting stiles of doors. These provide protection against dust and weather penetration.


Automatic door bottom seals

The door bottom seals fill the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door. This is an alternative to sweep seal wherein a mechanically spring-loaded system seals tight when the door is shut and lifts when the door is open. They can be face mounted or concealed.


Perimeter Seals

We offer perimeter seals that are effective acoustic, smoke, light, dust, and weather seals.

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